General International Insurance Consultant



We are an Insurance consultation company located in UAE; that provides consultancy and advice in insurance services to medium and large sized corporations, as well as institutional and individual clients across UAE & Middle East region.

We provide our clients with professional advice and guidance to ensure they have the right cover to protect their business.

We are there for our clients to deal with any queries, alterations to cover and in the unfortunate even you have to make a claim.

In business world, we as experts; our core is:

  • Help and assist businesses and individuals in estimating their insurance, evaluating their exposures and insurance needs, ensuring highly effective risk management.
  • Making things easy to our clients by identifying and quantifying what they do, what it stands to lose in case of loss; and what is needed to protect its assets and earnings.
  • Recommend and suggest insurance coverage improvements, administration, loss control and financing mechanisms.
  • Acting in a timely manner, as we always work for a fair timescale.

    Our ultimate goal as General International Insurance Consultants is to help our clients receive the highest quality of insurance coverage for the most reasonable premiums, reducing losses or exposures retained unknowingly, cost savings in effective manner, and risk transfer decisions.

    With current global situation, reducing risks and costs have become a priority for each standing business, and this is where the importance of insurance consultants lay.
  • You think you are overpaying and not getting the service or protection for your money
  • You have had a claim and need fast answers to your questions.
  • You want to bid out your insurance but don't have the time or expertise!.
  • You are new in business and don't know where to start!.
  • Your agent made a mistake and you have lost Faith ... where do you turn for answers?
  • You don't have the time, energy, or staffing to manage your insurance needs - property and casualty, medical, workers compensation, business auto !.


Chief Executive Officers:

CEOs of small to medium size companies have in many instances a gap in expertise in Insurance and Risk Management; this can potentially place the company's balance sheet at risk from uninsured losses or exposures retained unknowingly.

Our company offers a cost - effective solution for bringing this expertise into your team. Whether if it is help in achieving COSTING SAVING from your risk transfer through insurance or ensuring that the insurance in place adequately covers the exposures your company faces.

Chief Financial Officers:

CFOs are almost familiar with financial risk, operational risk is usually not something many have had to manage. This operational risk poses a threat to all the financial statements that are a CFOs main focus.

Our company provides a trusted and experienced advisor for Risk and Insurance management, risk transfer decisions after presentation of data in a manner that the CFO is able to process quickly and easily; at a far Lower Cost than hiring a full time experiences Risk Manager !

General Counsel:

GCs are responsible for Legal Documents of the company, and thus are often assigned the responsibility of risk and insurance management, since insurance policies constitute contract documents, and also may not be familiar with the assessment of operational risk arising from the company's day-to-day activities.

We can obtain the expertise needed in managing the cost of risk in a most effective manner. We partner with you to assist in the contracting process, help manage the insurance tender, perform policy reviews, and also analyze the operational risk exposure that is so critical in properly transferring a company's risk.

Human Resources:

Hr professionals are often tasked with Insurance and Risk management responsibility as a tie-in to the benefits plans they are trained to manage. However, Health Insurance is but one element of the insurance needed by companies. Financial lines, Property and Casualty insurance are all important risk transfer tools for the company. Many HR professionals simply do not have experience in this area.

We can provide HR professional with an experienced and professional Risk management at a fraction of the cost of hiring one for their staff !

We will work with the HR professional to manage the processes, improve safety and loss control, assist in claims management, advise on the placement of insurance that will transfer risk away from the company is a cost effective manner.

Sole Proprietors:

The Sole proprietor is responsible for everything in his / her company. Many have spent their lives building their business, and sometimes it is a business started by earlier generations of their family. All this personal investment can be wiped out by one major uninsured loss.

We can provide expertise in this difficult area, we will assist the Sole Proprietor by reviewing the coverage placed by the broker, discussing the business's operation to make sure that all the risks are identified and those that can be economically transferred by insurance are, and making the complex simple so that the Sole Proprietor may concentrate on his/her business